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The Politics of Everything

Jul 4, 2017

We get serious about The Politics of Superannuation, with wealth management expert Stephen Huppert, who says Australia could be doing a whole lot better when it comes to how we regulate and invest in our super, despite being touted as a beacon of superannuation success globally.


Stephen is the Head of Product Innovation at Trustee Partners, which he has joined in 2016. He offers 25 years’ experience in Superannuation, Life Insurance and Funds Management. We can all better maximize our superannuation and retire wealthier, with a few simple rules that we learn in this episode.


In this podcast, Stephen will cover off:

  1. How much super will the average person will need to retire confidently?
  2. Why self-managed superannuation funds have become so important.
  3. What self-employed business owners need to do to get wealthier faster.
  4. Hot tips: The most important action we need to take when it comes to The Politics of Superannuation.


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