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The Politics of Everything

May 18, 2021

Manufacturing has changed the world with its focus on faster, cheaper mass production of items we all use every day – from smartphones to coffee cups, cars to modular homes.

Ishan Galapathy has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Operational Excellence (OpEx), working across six countries for nearly two decades, for multi-nationals such as Kellogg’s and Arnott’s. In his last corporate role, Ishan was part of the team that developed Kellogg’s global supply chain excellence program.

Renowned for his simplified techniques, Ishan helps manufacturing businesses to move them from chaos to excellence through productivity improvement and frontline leadership programs. With the pandemic highlighting how global manufacturing relies on more than machinery and technology to keep us all fed, watered, clothed, decked out, and sanitized, now is a great time to discuss what this has meant for us all.

When he is not working, you can find him playing backyard cricket with his sons or sipping a cup of coffee with his wife.

Tune in to hear from Ishan on:

  1. What did a business career teach you about great manufacturing practices that matter even today?
  2. Was former President Donald Trump right to try to bring back USA-based manufacturing?
  3. The pandemic last year meant borders closed for Australia to China and other important supply chains we solidly depend or rely on for so much of the finished items from laptops to phones to even lounges. Was that a turning point on how we think about our self-reliance on the manufacturing world? Explain. (see here too:
  4. Take away: What is your final thought on The Politics of Manufacturing?

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