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The Politics of Everything

Jun 22, 2021

Connection is key for relationships to succeed, in business, in love, in friendships.


For bankable sales success, it is critical to know how to master connections. Enter the role of today’s guest, Rachel Bourke, a Master Sales Trainer. One that understands sales is a service and that confidence comes from clarity. With over 25 years of experience as a business owner, Rachel knows what it takes to succeed. Like a lot of us business people, she knows the tough decisions, exciting highs, and financial pressures.


She says, winging it in sales simply won’t cut it, and there is a structure that works. You must know exactly what to say and when to say it. Rachel is renowned for her practical, inspirational, and no-nonsense style. Utilizing the Neuroscience of Influence, an advanced application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics, and the SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach™ Methodology, she continues to attract clients that are determined to be best.


Her client portfolio includes The NSW Business Chamber, leading small to medium enterprises, prominent influencers, trainers, and educators. Rachel worked internationally for several years teaching advanced skills of influence to senior executives of global banks such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Morgan Stanley, the general manager of L'Oréal Paris, and many more.   


In this podcast, you can learn:


  1. How do you help make sales less ‘salesy’?
  2. What does a lasting connection mean in business and even in life?
  3. How can a connection lead to action in your customer experience journey?
  4. Connections are sometimes seasonal – is it about a pipeline of networking or about just finding the right tribe at the right time that matters?
  5. The 24/7 digital world has been us seemingly more connected, even globally now, say through Facebook or LinkedIn, but also more disengaged with real people, real conversations – yes or no?
  6. Take away: What your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Connection?


For more connections with Rachel go to: Rachel Bourke | LinkedIn



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