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The Politics of Everything

May 22, 2018

Transformation is term we all embrace at some stage of our lives. From relationships to our bodies, perhaps our careers or even spiritual beliefs – they are all part of what we can transform. What if you need a bit of boost? Meet Kylee Fitzpatrick who is an expert in transformation and uses the power of storytelling to impact performance. She is an entrepreneur, influencer and compassion activist. She is the founding partner and coach at The Performance Code and founder of TEAM Women Australia. Kylee is also the mother of three children. With over 25 years in the spotlight, Kylee is known for her expertise in marketing to women and developing content that effectively engages women on issues that are most important to them.

Listen to the Podcast to learn:

  1. What does the word transformation really mean?
  2. How Kylee’s business The Performance Code works with executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to create breakthroughs in their performance. 
  3. How the power of storytelling can inspire, empower and enable us to stand up and live a courageous, compassionate and confident life.
  4. Last advice: What is the best tip you have for business people keen to be better at The Politics of Transformation?

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