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The Politics of Everything

Jun 12, 2018

Narelle Anderson is the founder and managing director of the award winning Envirobank Recycling, Australia’s most innovative reverse vending machine solutions and automated recycling depots. Narelle’s vision is to change the way Australians – and the world – recycle, using technology to reward consumers for it.

Founding Envirobank Recycling in 2008 to incentivise recyclers, Narelle introduced the concept of Reverse Vending Technology to Australia. A born entrepreneur, Narelle has owned multiple businesses and built a distinguished career in the waste industry. In 2000, she became the first Aboriginal woman to solely own a waste management company.  In 2001 she was elected by her peers as the first female president of the Sydney chapter of The Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) a dynamic, global network of more than 7,300 business owners in 42 countries.  In 2015 Narelle was voted as one of Australia’s top 50 influential women entrepreneurs. Here she is sharing The Politics of Recycling.

In this podcast, Narelle explains:

  1. How she got initially engaged with the wellbeing of our environment and specifically recycling?
  2. How ‘my culture makes me a custodian of the land so cleaning up the country seems a natural fit.’ How does that impact her desire to keep growing in what you do?
  3. How many Australians can now receive 10 cents for every beverage container they recycle, via the Envirobank machines. Why has the container deposit legislation in NSW, for example, taken longer than expected?
  4. There has been some media interest recently in how Australia has exported its waste to China. It now is banning foreign waste. What do you make of this? 
  5. Last advice: What is your biggest tips for us all to do our bit in The Politics of Recycling?

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